Things you can do to insure your jewelry has a long life: 

  • Refrain from showering, bathing, and swimming with your jewelry. 
  • Do not expose it to chemicals. 
  • Drink enough water! 

Over time copper jewelry's color will shift and change due to the natural oils on our skin. Generally even the really dark pieces get brighter. As copper is from the earth, interactions above ground and exposure to the elements will effect copper. Personally, I find the most beauty in all the forms copper takes as a new piece is worn on my body. I find that if my jewelry is experiencing "dulling" that it's usually because I haven't consumed enough water, or healthy green foods!

I have heard from lots of individuals that they find that copper has many positive health benefits, including a reduction in inflammation and pain. Copper jewelry has been used for this purpose for many years, and therefore I generally leave my copper jewelry uncoated with sealants. 

Many people will experience copper "staining" their skin, which can easily be washed off with soap and water. I recommend that anyone with issue with this either coats the metal parts of their jewelry in a clear acrylic sealant or a good quality clear nail polish.